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Snake Spin

Snake Spin

SKU: MW007

Roll the dice in wood! Whoever composes the most snakes from head to tail wins!


Whoever composes the most snakes from head to tail wins. The spinning nuts are made of wood from forests managed in an environmentally and socially correct way (100% FSC®). Testacoda is a safe, ecological wooden game made with non-toxic colors. Made in Italy.



16 wooden dice: 12 with green snakes, 4 with orange snakes and 1 instruction leaflet in 5 languages.


Number of Players: 2



In turn, each of the two players rolls one of his dice and attaches the snake stretch obtained to the traits present on the dice already placed on the game board, continuing the shape of the seprente and trying to complete it. Long, short, twisted, extended, the seprentelli can be composed in different forms, but only when a snake has both a head and a tail can it be considered complete. The player who places the last stretch and completes the snake, attacking the missing head or tail, scores 1 point, the game ends when all the pieces are placed on the game board.

The player with the most points wins because he has completed the most snakes.