SKU: MW004

Wooden logic game for young and old


Wooden version with a contemporary design of one of the most popular logic games Sudokino is a challenge for the whole family: it amuses children thanks to the colors, grids and simplified schemes and pleases adults who play with the most difficult schemes. Safe, ecological game made with non-toxic colors. 100% made in Italy.



36 pawns in 6 colors, 1 base with 36 locations, 1 instruction leaflet with 60 game schemes divided into 3 levels of difficulty and relative solutions.


Number of Players: 1



Choose a pattern. Place the target-up tokens on the grid in the positions and colors indicated by the chosen pattern. In the free seats, arrange the remaining pieces with the solid color face up so that each color appears only once in each column (vertical), in each row (horizontal) and in each of the 6 boxes.

You win if you complete the pattern without repeating the colors.