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Activity Nest - Dark Grey

Activity Nest - Dark Grey

SKU: FL009

A multi-functional activitynest produced in 100% organic cotton.


The activitynest is developed to grow with the child in the first years of life. Use it as an extended babynest, activitygym/playpen and play mattress. When the baby is newborn, the activitynest can be used with advantage with the sides closed and with activity rods on to hang toys on, or the rods can be taken off completely and you have a larger babynest - for example for twins. At the same time, the sides can be folded down if you want to sit on the rug with the little one, or when the little one starts to crawl around. When the child grows up, you can use it as a play mattress with the sides folded down and without rods mounted.


The activitynest is closed with a leather buckle that is clicked on with a push button.

Coming Soon
Height (cm) 20
Width (cm) 80
Length (cm) 80