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Brown Tiger Dinner Set

Brown Tiger Dinner Set


Bamboo utensils are the most ecological solution for serving food. Because bamboo is biodegradable, we do not burden the planet, while at the same time it does not contain chemicals and toxins.


In addition, the bamboo food set is very durable, as not only does it not break but it does not scratch or absorb odors, such as plastic. It is not porous at all, it does not absorb germs, while its surface, unlike plastic, is antibacterial.


It contains a saucer with a divider, so that the child can differentiate the flavors and foods, to distinguish them in his mind and to learn them more easily. It also contains a beautiful bowl and a glass suitable for small hands.


Made of biodegradable bamboo fibers.


All sets can be washed in the dishwasher.