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Baby Nest - Forest Floor Rose

Baby Nest - Forest Floor Rose

SKU: FL013

Hand-drawn print with inspiration from the Danish forest floor, consisting of mushrooms, leaves etc. Go exploring and talk about the elements with your child.

The babynest is produced in 100% organic satin woven cotton, which makes the fabric ultra soft and beautiful to look at.

The soft edges of the babynest enclose the baby, thus creating a feeling of security.
The babynest is designed with several functions which thus prolongs the life of the product. The babynest can be opened at the foot end by clicking the leather belt off, it gives a longer lying measure to the baby who still needs to feel enclosed. When the baby grows completely out of the babynest, it is possible to zip the edge off and use it as a smaller bedbumper in the cot.

Important: Always remember to lay the baby with the head away from the closure part and always make sure that the babynest is placed on a flat surface. Never leave the child unattended while using the babynest.

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Height (cm) 10
Width (cm) 50
Length (cm) 85
Net. weight (grams) 1268