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Domino Tulips

Domino Tulips

SKU: MW006

Dominoes to play and then mount like a flower - games and furniture


Wooden board game for children, adults and furnishing accessory. Domino Tulips is a perfect gift idea for those who love eco-sustainable design objects and classic games in evergreen wood. A meadow with 4 yellow tulips, each with seven green leaves. The leaves are wooden tiles to play dominoes which, in addition, are charged with the light of the sun or a lamp. When the light is turned off, the tiles become luminescent. The rules of the game are the traditional ones of Domino with an innovative and made in Italy design line.Domino Clorophilla is made of wood from forests managed in an environmentally and socially correct way. (100% FSC®) Domino Tulips is a safe, ecological board game made with non-toxic colors. 100% made in Italy.



Beech wood (100% FSC®) and non-toxic colors. 1 base, 4 sticks, 28 tiles with luminescent dots, 4 yellow flowers.


Number of Players: 2/4



Place the wooden tiles face down. Each player takes 7. If there are 2 players, the other 14 tiles remain on the table. The player with the double 6 or the highest double tile begins. The first player turns over one of his tiles and passes the turn to the one to his left. If this has a tile with, on half of its face, the same number of dots as the one already turned, it places it vertically or horizontally attached to it. If not, pass the turn if there are 4 players, or draw a tile from the table if there are 2 players.


The winner is the one who finishes the tiles first.