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Head Puzzle

Head Puzzle

SKU: SP004

Are you wondering how the human brain works? How are all thoughts going in your head? Or are you just fascinated by anatomy and dream of being a doctor? With our 'Tearing off the head' puzzle, the secrets of the human body are no longer a mystery. 3 levels: skull bones, brain lobes and their functions, and the upper respiratory tract with the eye.

They will be fun for both children and adults. Keep your head on your neck!


- Dimensions: 32 x 43 cm.
- 13 elements + frame and cover.
- Puzzle thickness: 5mm + 5mm.
- Base thickness: 3 mm.
- Cover thickness: 3 mm.
- Painted with a colorless, odorless varnish with a certificate for children.

4 years +