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What's Inside of Me Puzzle

What's Inside of Me Puzzle

SKU: SP005

Are you interested in the structure of the human body? Would you like to understand how the digestive system works, where does colic come from and where does hiccup arise? Do you dream of counting all the circles and checking how big a human heart is? These puzzles will answer all your questions!

A life-size, 5-level puzzle will teach you human anatomy and turn your biology lesson into a fantastic adventure!

Discover the skeletal, digestive, circulatory, respiratory and urinary systems. Check the sizes of individual organs and bones, see what the chest houses, how long the intestines are and what else the abdominals hide.

Have fun, fold and stack… There are so many solutions!


- 5-level puzzles.
- 68 pieces!
- Dimensions: 77 x 49 cm.
- Puzzle thickness: 5 mm.
- Base thickness: 3 mm.
- Cover thickness: 3 mm.
- Painted with a colorless, odorless varnish with a certificate for children.

5 years +